Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Enstyle for Indie Fashion Designers.

The internet truly is an amazing place. It offers such great mediums to help budding designers, stylists, entrepreneurs, etc. promote their works and brands in just a click away. Enstyle on Facebook amongst them; giving you a place to create your own fan page for your looks, designs, and merchandise and get you the exposure you deserve.

Enstyle offers this: "All your tagged looks will be linked to the brands you are wearing. Your looks will appear not only on the enstyle pages, but also on the official brand fan pages! We feel this is a win-win situation for both bloggers and designers who get to share their passion and love of style."

Check out how it looks HERE.

This is the link for fashion designers: http://stylepage.enstyle.dk

The invitation code: rra8t-8j8964i-u2jk

Feel free to share it in your blog, or send it to your favorite fashion designers (The code can be used up to 25 times before it will expire.)

Happy Enstyle-ing! :)

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Francesca said...

i haven't visited your blog in a while... it's looking great :) xx opinionslave