Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Curious Thought: What’s Inside a Bad Boy’s Pair of Pants?

What does action star Robin Padilla, former president Joseph Estrada, and cosmetic surgeon-turned-celebrity Hayden Kho have in common with Hollywood stars James Dean, Collin Farrel, and Robert Downey, Jr.?

Unless you’re a brooding man who can make women want to drop everything and land in your brawny arms every time something unfriendly comes their way, most men have all went through devastating heartaches at some point in their lives. We’ve seen it a thousand times—nice guys getting dumped and friend-zoned over stoic, devastatingly gorgeous, distressed men reminiscent of Damon Salvatore and Edward Cullen, who can make even blood sucking look sexy. What is it about bad boys that put sparkle in women’s eyes, glow in their cheeks, and blood rushing into their veins and other lovely parts?

No, this is not another story about vampires who sparkle in the midday sun while wearing outrageously pale faces and pouted lips. This is the truth that young boys long to discover, grown ups laugh about, and our grandpas love to revisit. This is the story of every Adam that will never be written in the history of mankind.

Three-time best-selling author and 30th National Book Awards finalist RJ Ledesma unravels how this and other crazy, perplexing phenomena are taking place, as he launches his fourth book “It Only Hurts When I Pee, RJ Ledesma’s Guide on Bodily Gases, Hair Loss and Pink Parts.” The book, distributed by Anvil Publishing, is a compilation of the ridiculously truthful, self-aware and highly comical chronicles of the less hygienic male species based on curious epic research, thorough investigation and, ahem, first-hand experience.

From the freshly squeezed brain juices of RJ Ledesma, the book and all its 167 pages tackles amusing topics and antics, including classic and epic details in the Pinoy dating and mating scenes, and male entertainment created simply by grimy fingers and a lack of good taste.

Wonder why bad guys often become the object of romance by women who, in RJ’s own word, desire “to increase the country’s current voting population”? Let the entrepreneur, multimedia practitioner, yogi and author of Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me (2008), I Do or I Die (2009), and Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me? (2010) tickle your funny bone and usher you into testosterone land with his newest masterpiece guaranteed to make you pee to your heart’s content.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Drowning Equilibriums'Jhajing Giveaway.

Another awesome giveaway hosted by Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums. This time in collaboration with Jhajing. Their Multiply account is here.

Giveaway mechanics can be found HERE.

Giveaway ends February 16.

Hurry! :)

And don't forget I am also having one of my very own giveaway HERE.

A Random Giveaway. (Closed)

Cue Darth Vader Theme. I'm hosting my first ever giveaway, which I really had to think through for a while coz I'm not sure if I will be able to pull it off. Here's to hoping. Fingers crossed.

This is my first time so I apologize for any confusion the post may cause. But thanks to Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums' giveaway outlines, I have gotten the hang of it a bit. :)

Anyways, one winner will be receiving these two cute tops I got from Seoul, South Korea. Part of my 7 1/2 Minutes of Fame collection.

Open to all!

How to join:
1. Must follow this blog.
2. Like A Random Fashionholic on Facebook. (Provide your FB account.)
3. Share a post about this giveaway on your blog, twitter and facebook. Link back here.
4. Leave a comment with your name, email add, and URL of your post.

Giveaway ends March 13, 2012.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Opens 42nd Store.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Opens 42nd Store at Two E-Com Center

Specialty coffee and tea purveyor, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, reinforces its claim as the preferred cafĂ© chain in the country by opening its 42nd store right at the heart of Pasay City.

Located at Two E-com Center in the Mall of Asia Complex, the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store will be serving customers their full selection of specialty coffee and teas by February 18. “This newest addition to our line of strategically-placed stores will help us fully realize our vision of providing every Filipino with the best available coffee and tea out there,” explains Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. “Being a new landmark that packs commercial, retail, residential and business areas in one unique structure, having a shop at Two E-com Center will help us reach more people and tap different markets in a way that we have never been able to do before.”

Located in an alternative business and entertainment district amidst a spectacular bay setting, the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store will serve as a haven for both cult-like followers of the brand, and coffee and tea aficionados of all sorts.

“The Mall of Asia Complex is home to a growing number of young professionals working in technology-based companies and business process outsourcing centers in the area,” adds Chu. “The people that regular the vicinity are part of the growing coffee population in the country that are in constant search for the best blends.”

In line with its debut, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® branch in Two E-Com Center will be holding a special promotion that will run from February 18 to 24, 2012. During the promo period, customers can come to the store from 12:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon and purchase their favorite drink for only P100.

No to mining in Palawan.

Join the battle cry and make your voices heard—loud and clear—in support of a national rally to protect our environment. Spread the word and play a key role in the evolution of consciousness of our people by urging more Filipinos to say NO to MINING in Palawan and other fragile island ecosystems.

The signature campaign is the power of good; it’s the power of many. If we all own the battle and act decisively and dynamically, then maybe we can try for 3 million more signatures by the end of the month, before hitting the ten million mark by Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012. Help us deliver a strong message to the government and the world: that Filipinos are one in protecting Mother Nature and our own future. Let’s make it happen—play a key role in the consciousness of our people. Our future depends on it…

Lovin' Summer @ Anvaya Cove Open House on Feb 19, Sunday.

Anvaya Cove invites you to come and join them to their Open house on the 19th!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Can't get enough of this cape jacket. Want more variations of this style. Yeah, I'm greedy. Lol. Yeah... It's still not a good day for photo session. Lol.

Is it obvious I love black?

Cape Jacket: From Hong Kong
Boots: Joy & Peace
Bag: Millie's

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® comes to One Archer’s Place.

Taft Avenue just got more exciting as the famed street welcomes the latest addition to its line of dynamic dining and lifestyle establishments —The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Set to open in One Archer’s Place on Fidel Reyes St. near De La Salle University (DLSU), the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® shop will be ready to open its doors to its first customers starting January 30—serving everyone with their full selection of internationally-acclaimed signature blends and gourmet treats and dishes.

“Manila is a good market for us,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. “A place that’s right in the center of a burgeoning coffee culture in the country, this new branch will not only compliment the busy lifestyle of people in the area, it will also make it easier for more to enjoy the specialty drinks that our brand is known for.”

The One Archer’s Place store will be located near prominent establishments around DLSU and will cater mostly to students and young professionals working and living in the vicinity. In addition, it will serve as a haven for both cult-like followers of the brands as well as coffee and tea aficionados of all sorts.

In line with its debut, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® branch in One Archer’s Place will be holding a special promotion that will coincide with DLSU’s 100th year celebration. During the promo period that will run from its opening day till February 05, 2012, customers can come to the store from 12:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon and purchase any of their favorite drinks for only Php 100.


Amongst 541324 photos, only one managed to survive. Lol! It was not a good day for a photo session. Lol.

Rarely do I get colors in my photos, I know. But this has been influenced by Korean group, Sistar's "Shady Girl". It was stuck in my head for a while after having accidentally listened to it once again. It just gives me all the rainbows and marshmallows and pots of gold feels. Lol. Such a happy song! And so I have colors!

Blazer: From Seoul, Korea
Top: H&M
Pants: Zara
Wedges: Venilla Suite
Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea (Get the bag.)