Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black & White is a color.

I'm sensing a recurring theme in my latest OOTDs. Haha! As Lego Movie Batman once said, "I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey."

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Cape Blazer: From Hong Kong
Top: Zara
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Villains SF
Bag: Kate Spade
Necklace: H&M

Dark Romance.

Lace equals romantic. I love the softness of it. That fragile quality. I have a bit of an interest in the Victorian era. (Or maybe it's just because of the historical romance novels I've read and loved. Ssshh.) But the fashion in those times. The romanticism of it all! But for me what makes it work all the more is if there's just that touch of dark whimsy. That edginess that clashes with it and yet makes all the sense in the world. (Steampunk comes to mind.) It's why I love anything Alexander McQueen. All is right in the world with their creations.

I'm babbling.

Twitter & Instagram: @sharniehung

Blazer: From Hong Kong
Lace Top: From Hong Kong
Skirt: Frankie de Leon

Queen of Fucking Everything.

A day of casualness with a little attitude. I know they say statement tees are definitely out this year. But I'm queen of fucking everything, so.... Lol.

My love for men's shoes inspired footwear will never fade.

Twitter & Instagram: @sharniehung

Shirt: @imprintgraffitee
Pants: Mango
Shoes: Para Donne
Hat: H&M

Monday, February 2, 2015


A little inspiration from the ultimate girlcrush! None other than Emma Stone, of course. That tuxedo-inspired Dior dress! Perfection. Too bad Dior is a little out of reach for me. Haha! So I will have to make do with combining pieces I already have in my closet. The blazer I got from Hong Kong is Korean-made. They really do make perfect blazers! And I've really gotten a lot of mileage out of this Zara sheer skirt. Decided to pair the outfit with this Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld jelly shoes. I honestly never gravitated towards jelly shoes. Never thought I'd ever own a pair. But this pair I just had to have. That's Karl Lagerfeld's awesome power for you.

What do you think? Though I fervently wish next time I'll be able to have the real thing? Haha!

Twitter & Instagram: @sharniehung

Blazer: From Hong Kong
Skirt: Zara
Inner: Forever 21
Shoes: Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld
Cuff earring: H&M