Monday, July 4, 2011

Coz when I shop, the world gets better.

Wedges: Millie's
Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
Sheer: From Hong Kong

I do love that quote. Retail therapy anyone? Though my friend does have a point when she said that when the credit card bills come, the world then gets suckier. Lol. Anyways, let's talk about the shorts. Or can it be considered as culotte pants? I usually don't know the "technical terms" of pieces of clothing. I learned about culotte pants just days before. Lol. The flare makes it look like a skirt when in fact it's not.They are hot items these days in Seoul. Check it out here in my site: If you love a pop of color!

I think it's usually obvious what my fave items of the moment are based on my posts. My red envelope bag (A blue one is up for sale! Check it out!) and my not so new wedges. I am always inserting links to my site; it's really no easy task to try to get your stuff out there. Any advice? Anyway, the sheer layer I found in Hong Kong. Love it! Love the length too. Though I'd like to find another with a different material and longer length. Reminds me of my obsession with this outfit. Love. Love. I need to find one. Just hope I will not look like I came out of a Matrix movie if I don one.

It suddenly rained when we were taking these shots. Look at the ground. Lol. The sheer fabric is not going to look good when it comes in contact with rain. Good thing it didn't show in the photos. Lol. In other news, my hair grows so fast. Or is it just me? Oh well.


derek said...

retail therapy is the best kind of therapy haha
but hey we may be putting holes in our wallets but at least we're helping the economy right?!?! lol!!
love this look!! with the mustard and red!!

Daphne said...

Wow! You look so chic in this outfit!!!

Followed you, care to follow back? :)