Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have a photo with G-Dragon!

Uh, yeah, so it's just a poster. But hey... I apologize for the silly expression but I feel weird to be smiling and posing for it seriously. Coz I'm cool like that. Yeah. G-Dragon, Big Bang's leader, is my style inspiration/icon. Coz he can dress up in just about anything and make it look cool and fashionable. As people would normally say, he just owns it. I think that's his appeal for me. That and his obvious love for fashion. Google his name and you'll see what I mean because I'm too lazy to post examples of his outfits. Lol. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

This is what I do when I can't go out.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Depot Fashion Magazine Feature.



Thanks to Angela Abores of boat ride through the sky. First magazine feature: Ambushed (I would like to thank my blazer.:D) so I'll be a geek about it! It's in the Depot Fashion Magazine Summer Issue. Go grab a copy! I see familiar faces! Lloyda Lim of Fashionista Fortune Cookie and Belle Fenix of Bellavenite.


It's my first time to own a copy of this magazine or magalog (magazine + catalog). With featured retailers and shops, it's very interesting since you can order items straight from them and you're guaranteed the highest quality, for those items have been given stamps of approval and you won't be disappointed. So for those fashionistas/fashionholics looking for quality and affordable items to add to your closets, this magazine is for you.

Visit their site Depot Fashion Magazine for more! Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. I hear they'll be giving away freebies on Facebook once they hit the 2000 mark. Who doesn't want freebies? :D

I hate this love song.

Vest: From Seoul, Korea
Leggings: From Seoul, Korea
Glove: Aldo
Boots: Monki

Title is inspired from "Love Song" by the Korean group, Big Bang. Been listening to the track nonstop for two days. Even now! Anyway, this shoot was particularly hard to accomplish because of the strong winds (Weather has been gloomy the past few days). Lol. It took a while to capture shots without my hair all over my face and my clothes in disarray. Well, it appears like that somewhat but let's just file that under artistic vision. Lol.

Tweaked the colors a bit with photoshop. Translation: Auto Tone. Lol. The leggings appear a bit darker in the photos now. And yes, it's a random shirt with Karl Lagerfeld's face. Lol. Thinking of retiring my Aldo gloves. They're already starting to go... Hope I can find something nice to replace them. Raining right now. Sigh. I hope the news of the typhoon being long gone is true though. Praying.

Feeling really lazy right now. Just want to lounge around and watch movies! And have milk tea! Lol. My friend passed me her milk tea craving.

I hate this love song but I have love! Lol. Don't mind my babbling. I'm just writing down what pops into my head. I don't usually buy stuff that has love or hearts or anything like that but I really wanted this ring. I guess it's the font? Lol. It will be cool if they had -Game Over- ring in this font. One for each hand! I also saw a Darth Vader mask ring. Now I'm wishing I bought it. The inner geek in me.

Love the details on the collar of this biker vest.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red, White & Blue.


Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
Shoes: Venilla Suites
Blazer: From Seoul, Korea

Finally, finally found the perfect envelope bag. Don't know how long but it just seemed too long. Lol. Just the right size and the right color. My wardrobe mainly consists of black, white or gray so an eye-catching color for my accessory is just the right answer! If anyone's interested in getting this same envelope bag, I'm selling one! It's a different color. A beautiful blue one. See here for more details. I just feel all kinds of love for it so maybe someone will be interested too! :)


I've always wanted a bright-colored blazer and I found the perfect (Yeah, again.) blue one! Needless to say, I still want more. I want all colors if it's possible. Lol. Will never get enough of blazers. I know many out there feel the same way.