Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modern Romantic.

Brooch: From Hong Kong
Blazer: From Hong Kong
Blouse: Zara
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Gloves: Forever One

I unearthed a never used cameo brooch I bought years ago from Hong Kong. The outfit for today started from there. I’ve always loved the Victorian look. Ever so whimsical.

Today's Halloween! It was so cute seeing little Batmans and Ironmans walking around the mall. Thought what I was wearing suited the occasion. Vampire-esque, right? No? Okay.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actress & Fashionista: Barbie Xu

It's a lazy afternoon so when I chanced upon these old magazine scans (Scans credit to Baidu.) thought to translate it. It doesn't hurt that I've always loved her (She still looks sooooo young!) and the fact I love this pairing in their recent hit drama, Summer's Desire. (And the fact that yes, I am a fan of Taiwanese entertainment; some of them. And Korean; some of them. Lol. What was I saying again?) Oooh, maybe I'll do a post about some of my fave looks from her.

Style inspiration with her effortless grace, Barbie Xu.

Da S says, since she broke up with Zai Zai (Vic Zhou) two years ago, there hasn’t been anyone new in her life. She says, “When filming movies, every actor comes prepared. In a short span of time, you have to develop certain feelings, be immersed totally in that world, and once filming has ended, you take away all these feelings and you go back to the real world. Filming a drama is a different case, because you are with your co-star every minute of every filming, developing real feelings is that much easier.

When filming a drama, you spend every minute with your co-star. Da S and Blue Lan, Da S and Zaizai develops feelings because of this, but still breaks up in the end. Rumor has it that the main reason for this is she is too dominating and relentlessly forces Blue Lan and Zaizai to marry her. With a serious and firm tone, she laughs and says, “Forcing marriage! This is people’s own version, I swear, never in my life have I ever forced anyone to marry me! She says that she had amicable breakups with both ex-boyfriends. There are a lot of sweet memories when they were together, “So you don’t hear them saying anything after our breakup.”

After clarifying rumors of forced marriage, she doesn’t forget to say, “It’s been a while since I last heard these two names. But this time, the drama Summer’s Desire that she stars in coincidentally is going to be showing in the same timeslot as Blue Lan’s drama PS Man, making people bring up her ex-boyfriend’s name.

Her old love is too hurtful. Doesn’t want to marry.

The mention of her old love doesn’t leave her unhappy, she even laughingly adds, “Now, when I hear these two names, it doesn’t really affect me anymore, but let’s not talk about the past anymore. People move forward. Should give me a chance for something new.”

On January of 2008, Da S admitting that she and Zaizai have broken up, friends all know, that when this sister-brother love ended, the pain it brought Da S has its measure. She couldn’t get past it for about a year and a half. A proud woman, she always smilingly tells the world, “I don’t want to fall in love right now, and I also don’t want to marry, and especially don’t want to have kids.”

Loves kids. Asks for love’s opportunity.

At the same time her career in Hong Kong takes flight, a new rumor surfaces, when she was filming the movie Connected, rumors are abundant about them, but the two firmly denied there is anything. On the other hand, on her free time, she has stepped in as a babysitter to Xiao S’s two daughters. Because of her interaction with them, it made her realize her love for kids, Xiao S even jokingly said, “My sister loves kids, if my third one is still a daughter, I can give her to my sister.”

Da S in the new year has expressed a new wish, “Aside from loving kids, I still have hopes for love, so I made a wish, that this year I can meet someone. I didn’t go to the temple to ask for a charm or anything, I just made a sincere wish in my heart, because as long as you’re sincere, it works. " But she says, half of the year has already gone by, so she isn’t sure if it’s going to happen.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Candy Magazine.

Thank you, CandyMag. :)

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I don't even know why I have a Twitter account. Lol!

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