Sunday, March 13, 2011


Japan is in our hearts.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Shirt: From Hong Kong
Pants: Zara
Bowtie: From Taiwan
Boots: Nine West Easy Spirit

Good morning, Starshine! The Earth says hello!

I've been away from the internet world for so long! I hope I can get to catch up with ten years worth of catching up. Lol. This is actually an outfit from a week or two weeks before. I haven't had the time to post it yet. And also, haven't got much chance for any outfit post. The last time I didn't feel like taking any photos (Yeah, I can't believe it, too. Lol.). I think it's because I've been lacking sleep for the past days (and maybe because I need to update my closet too. Lol). Sadface. Just thinking about so many stuff. Shouldn't stress oneself out too much, really.

Ahh, we finally got to try Ukkokei! The ramen shop everyone (okay, my friend) had been raving about. We always find it closed whenever we go there but this time we were in luck! Got to try it finally. Their menu is really simple. The noodles and toppings are basically the same; you just have to pick the soup base you want. Salt, shoyu, or miso. The miso based soup is their bestseller and yet I ordered the shoyu one, not knowing about that fact. Lol. But it's still good! Got to try the miso when we went there for a second time. And I have a feeling they haven't seen the last of us.

PS. I got the results for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and I passed. Wee! If only someone is willing to give a free trip to Japan as my reward... Lol.