Thursday, June 23, 2011


Blazer: From Seoul, Korea
Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
Wedges: Millie's

Amidst the sea of colors that is so in right now and is everywhere, I can't seem to leave behind my signature colors: black and white. I tend to gravitate towards these two colors when out shopping. Lol. But I guess they fit with the weather right now in Manila; non-stop rain and a cool atmosphere. The white blazer is one I bought in Seoul. Seoul's love affair for blazers is why the city has somehow become number one in my heart, replacing the ever bustling Hong Kong which was always at the top. But I still heart HK to bits and will always, always want to go back. Forever. Lol. Professing my undying love for it again. But Seoul... Ah, Seoul. We will see each other again. I hope. Fiercely. If anyone wants to do something about their addiction to blazers, I have just the cure in my site

The sleeveless top I am wearing is also from Seoul and I'm selling one just like it here. I do love these kinds of simple tops; ones that can go so well with blazers. No hassles.

Speaking of Seoul, the postcard I sent to myself from the N Seoul Tower has never arrived. What? Yes, people send postcards to themselves all the time as a souvenier. Lol. But sadface, I wanted that postcard! Whyeeee? I paid 400 won for the postage and all too! Lol. Wonder if it will ever come. Sigh.

I still loooove my bag. Lol. Can never get enough of it! You'll love it too! I have it in a different color. Lol. Did I sound like a bad commercial? Lol.

Weather, I hope you brighten up soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19.

Today is my birthday (Yey. And Fathers' Day! Happy Fathers' Day to every dad in the world!) and there was supposed to be an outfit post but it rained, and it rained, and it's still raining so had no chance of getting any decent photos. I'll just have to wait for another day. I was really looking forward to making one but, oh well. Instead I'll just post this outfit from Vivi Magazine because it's one of my wishes for my birthday. (I would like to think that on one's birthday, they can make all the wishes they want).


So much WANT for this whole ensemble! Why is this made of so much win? The long denim. Eep. Something I've always wanted!! Oh and that hat! So Mad Hatter-esque! But I don't know if it will suit me since they tell me I have a small face. And will it look okay with really short hair? The hat could be a little much but I don't care! Lol. Want. Want. Omg, tell me where I can get them buttheyhavetobewithinbudget. Lol. Actually, everything in Vivi Magazine is always WANT for me. Sigh. I should stop buying them then, huh? Lol. Glad I don't get to buy them every month or else... That's my wish and a trip to Europe. Yeah.

Monday, June 13, 2011



Top: From Hong Kong
Shoes: Millie's
Cuff: From Seoul, Korea

We had a small celebration for my grandmother (mother side) last Saturday and in the past I always had a hard time finding something to wear since I can't wear most of what's in my closet. Black, white, gray. Wearing those colors to moments of celebrations is a sensitive (sometimes big) issue. But I'm glad we have this chic sheer cape-like top now.

They would have preferred red but this works for me as well. Lol. I love the material, the silhouette it gives. And I'm wearing it with new wedges! Wedges and platforms are so in right now. It's like the higher the better. Lol. Have seen such awesome designs but sometimes the height is a little too much for me. All my friends will be complaining! Lol. So, glad to have found this one with,I guess, just the "right" number of inches. If there is such a thing. Lol.

Oh, got a haircut again. Hehe. Anyway, there's only one outfit post for today. There was no time yesterday; our friend's engagement party. Next time I will do better! Watched X-Men First Class; been so long since we've went out and watched a movie but it rocked! Love it! (Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy!) Can't wait for Transformers 3 and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Ack, so sleepy right now. Going to rest my eyes a bit.

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