Friday, July 22, 2011

Banana Milk.

Shirt: Zara
Shorts: From Hong Kong (Get the shorts.)
Wedges: Millie's
Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
(Get the bag.)

Haiiii there! It's been a while for this blog once again. Haven't been feeling well the past days so I didn't have the energy to post anything! And it's got something to do with this thing called laziness too. Lol.

Colors!! So not me, right? Lol. Not black and white this time. Yay. It's time I tried it too! Anyways, why the title? It's due to the banana milk craving my friend and I had. It's something I got to try once in Seoul and my friend wanted to try it too. Fortunately there's a lot of Korean groceries that's opened here in Manila, probably due to the number of Korean's living here.

Banana milk! Yay. But I found it too sweet (left) compared to the one I had; that one was in a plastic container (right). Hmmm. Maybe next time we'll be on the hunt again for it. But we have to find ones in plastic containers. Lol. There's gotta be some here, right?

Outfit post and banana milk. Gotta love this dynamic. Lol.

1 comment:

derek said...

love the outfit and all the colors!!
and girl i am a banana milk holic haha it makes me happy :)