Sunday, April 29, 2012


My photographer is on an extended vacation so it took forever to get a decent photo. And the quality isn't too great. Used a different camera since it's easier for auto-timed shots. I tried.

Received exciting news. BIG BANG MIGHT HOLD A CONCERT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! Yes, that sentence deserves to be capslocked. Hope it's not just a rumor. Now I just gotta find a way to score the best seats when it happens. Hrm.

Love these shoes! Vivi 推荐. (Vivi Recommended!) The price is just right; though I don't have any confidence it's gonna last long. Lol. Usually shoes from Mongkok have short lifespans (although with good care they could last longer than one would expect) but then again, they're just so pretty so can't resist buying them still. And comfy to wear! Where else can you find such cool and unique designs at an affordable price? Also, if you're about following the trends and don't want to put a big strain on your wallet, Mongkok is the place for you.

PS. So in a spike and studs phase right now. And mullet skirts. Help.

Top: From Hong Kong
Skirt: Cotton On
Belts: Cotton On
Clutch: From Hong Kong
Shoes: From Hong Kong
Collar Necklace: From Hong Kong 
Rings: H&M

Sunday, April 15, 2012