Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ultimate Vegas Style.

Las Vegas.

When I hear Vegas, I automatically think of: Glitz. Glamour. Vibrancy. Decadence. Indulgence. And of course, Lady Luck. In short, the things that give the city so much life that it's one of the places to visit. (Some of my friends have said as much!) I haven't had the opportunity yet, but has given me a chance to at least imagine myself luxuriating in the city. In style. Inspired by one of the top-notch resorts that their site offers. I had to go for it because yeah, it involves two of my favorite things: traveling and planning outfits for said travel. It's something that's always fun and I can't get enough of. (Even imaginary ones!)

The tricky part is choosing which of the resorts to live it up in. There's just so many to choose from and each offers a wide variety of different entertainment and experiences this city has to offer. But in the end, I had to go with The Venetian. The old world style always tugs something in me and I can't choose any other. And it's the Venetian. So enough said.

Beginning at the pool is what I had in mind. With three pools and one hot tub, and cabanas that are fully stocked for your comfort, I don't know what better way to start the day. Imagining my friends and I lounging around the pool deck as we partake in a light breakfast and just soak it all in.

I kept things simple but still edgy. I don't think I'll ever not make my outfits edgy. And of course, black is still the predominant color when it comes to my style. So this is my take on an edgy, no-fuss style for a much sought-after relaxation. And a dip in the pool.

I'd imagine we'll have a late lunch. After lying around and doing nothing but just marvel at the luxury (It is a vacation, after all.). DB Brasserie would be a great choice.

I admit, I may have had a sort of theme in mind here. Royalty. Because that's most probably what I'd feel like if I had the opportunity to spend my vacation in such a resort. So I went with a long cover-up, reminiscent of the decadent long robes from ancient times. What empresses and queens would be swathed in. And gave it a little modern twist. A bit dramatic for most people, maybe. But I've always had a thing for those garments and it's Vegas!

Dinner at the B&B Ristorante would be the perfect cap to a day. Maybe after a spa session in the afternoon. (This vacation is spoiling me!) Good wine, great friends, fantastic conversation and of course all dressed up.

I've always wanted to wear an outfit like this. But it's so hard to find something that fits like a glove. I'm still on the lookout, of course! For now, I'll imagine myself in this edgy chic ensemble. And the usual splash of colors. Even though black makes such an impact all by itself, playing a bit with colors is always fun.

And that's my spin on the ultimate Vegas outfits.

It's easy to get inspired by the luxurious interiors of The Venetian. You might not want to leave its premises. But of course, it only offers a slice of what the city has in store. But outfits for venturing out into the city are another matter. Maybe next time it won't be all in my head! As evidenced by this little post, I find myself wanting to plan a little trip to this exciting city. If and when the stars align. Maybe it's the same for you. If so, I know has everything one needs.

Here's to hoping Lady Luck is on our side.