Saturday, September 24, 2011


I need new inspiration. Lately everything's just blah. I need a pick-me-up. Need happy!

I need shopping, yeah? Lol. And blog hopping is in the schedule as well. Haven't had time for that as well. I need to be inspired and I always find that helps. On the bright side, fall season for TV series is here!

Vest: From Seoul, Korea
Top: Cotton On
Pants: From Hong Kong
Shoes: Millie's


Hiiiiii! This blog totally flatlined for a while there but there hasn't been much chances to take outfit posts! Sad. Sigh.

This was taken like two weeks ago and just got the time to post it now. I'm craving milk tea. Uh, yeah that doesn't make sense. Lol.

White Shirt: From Seoul, Korea (Get the shirt.)
Top: From Hong Kong
Bag: From Seoul, Korea (Get the bag.)
Ring: Mango
Wedges: Millie's