Thursday, October 30, 2014

Philippine Fashion Week Day 1.

Well, who would have thought I'd be writing a post about attending Philippine Fashion Week? Definitely not me. Lol. And so I say life is really amazing and really makes sure to give you a really great surprise once in a while. Hope there's more to come! Haha! And it was all because of Clozette, an official media partner of PhFw. Will always be grateful for this wonderful, fun, and memorable experience! Can't believe we got to go to one of the biggest fashion events of the industry, doing what we love, dressing up, catching up with new friends, in short just celebrating us being ourselves. I love Clozette!

The night was off to a great start when I was approached by! I may have appeared cool and collected but inside I was fangirling hard. Haha! 

Of course, the obligatory post in front of the PhFw board! Haha! Newbie here as well, so I have to! (Newbies unite!)

You would never want to bump into someone wearing the same exact outfit! Or same exact anything! But here's fellow Clozette ambassador Debbie and I taking a photo with our matching clutches from Zara! Haha! Sometimes you don't have to sweat over it. It really is a nice clutch. Haha!

Who doesn't love Forever 21? It's a brand that speaks to every style and personality! Even kids!
 Love the combination of leathers, plaids, and burgundy!

A few of my favorite looks!

With fellow ambassadors Merphi, Charlene, Chin and Pamela before we go in to watch Sfera, Uno de 50, and Suiteblanco shows.

Sfera, a fashion brand from Spain, has opened its first store in Asia in SM Makati. If you're the type to love Zara, H&M, Mango, well then, Sfera should definitely be on your list!

I want to take all of these outfits from Suiteblanco home! IF ONLY! Lol.

I love that more and more brands are coming to Manila! But then... temptation! Not good for my wallet. Haha! But then again... clothes! More clothes!

Who doesn't love a red carpet moment in their lives? Haha! Glad to have a group photo with these lovely Clozette girls! We're not complete though. Hopefully there will be another chance next time!

 Goofing around with the "model" look. Lol. No.

I think we know it's not working. Lol.

Of course we had to end the night with some kind of photo op! We got kinda confused there in the last photo. Haha! The girls made the night more memorable. Hope to share such an awesome experience again with them! 

Till next time! Thanks again, Clozette!

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