Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallows' Eve.

"To live without you, only that would be torture." - Gomez Addams

Don't you just love Gomez's devotion for Morticia? Haha! Their relationship is something I've always found endearing. In a weird and kooky way.  Anyways, felt like going a little spooky for Halloween month. Finding inspiration from Lydia Deetz/Morticia Addams. But next time, I want to dress up as G-Dragon. Lol. If only I could find other people to dress up as Big Bang with. Haha! Don't mind me. Just being random.

I do love this H&M spiderweb ring!

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Twitter & Instagram: @sharniehung

Hat: H&M
Jacket: Zara
Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Frankie de Leon
Accessory: H&M
Nails: Beauty & Butter

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