Thursday, October 2, 2014

Clozette Tea Party.

Yeah, I myself never thought I'd be invited to be a part of the Philippine Ambassadors! I received an invite to join Clozette back in 2011. Can't believe it's been three years since! Time sure flies. And never thought fate (in this case, she is Lystra, the community manager) would step in and grant me this exciting opportunity.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had a little tea party to sort of welcome the new batch of ambassadors. It was held at Commune Cafe + Bar in Makati. As I am unfamiliar with most of the streets in Makati and we know how crazy the traffic in Manila can be, I left really early. Was really worried I'd be late but turns out I was the first of the invited guests to arrive. They were even still setting up. Haha! I'm glad!

I sort of felt a little lost because it was my first time attending such an event and I didn't know what to expect. But I shouldn't have worried because the people were great. Such lovely ladies and a gentleman and it felt just like spending a normal afternoon tea with friends. Fashionable friends, of course. I love how everyone looked really chic.

Of course, we were given a little introduction into what Clozette is all about. It's a fashion social network that connects you to your fashion, beauty, and shopping needs. Members can post their OOTDs (of course), their beauty secrets/regimes, anything that can inspire and help inspire the rest of the community. They have the Buy Similar function. Where you just upload an image of say a certain bag and it will generate numerous results of the same exact bag or similar designs. There's also the Clozette Bazaar where you can sell your items. The site generates a lot of traffic in a day so it really helps you reach out to a wider audience. And with such creative and fashion-forward members posting, you'll surely find something new to take in. It will be such an experience to join this community.

I know there are so many fashion community sites out there but what I love most about Clozette is it offers a platform for every voice. It honestly offers a place where you can express yourself and interact with a group that you share a common ground with. So I encourage you to join and see what you're missing!

After the introduction came the food! Was yummy! Thanks to Commune!

It was really a fun day and a great learning experience! Very glad to have met these awesome ladies! Hope to see them again soon! And hoping to be able to help more people discover Clozette!

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