Friday, October 26, 2012

Moar. Moar.

The Big Bang concert. Internal screaming.

My friend and I discovered them back in 2007, with their song "Last Farewell". I think it's because the music video for the song featured Korean actor, Lee Dong Gun (my friend likes him) so that got our attention and then of course it's not hard to imagine getting hooked to their music and style. They be fly boys. Lol. I then connected them to a song I randomly heard on Channel V. Which was "Lies". I had the MP3 for a while before "Last Farewell" ever came into my radar. But I never really focused on the group; just the music. I guess everything's about timing. Hehe. With "Last Farewell", we started listening to every song they ever released, watched every music video, variety show guesting, commercials, etc. Just went a little crazy. Or a lot crazy. Lol. But it makes for interesting memories.

October 24 came and it was still all surreal for me that day. Never imagined we'd ever get to see them live in concert. Always thought we had to go to Singapore or Thailand if we ever get the chance. But thankfully, Manila got caught in the K-pop Wave as well. It still feels surreal right now, even after the concert. Lol. Maybe it's coz it feels "bitin". Two hours is never enough!! Lol. Hope they'll be back soon. Like real soon. Real real soon.

On to the photos!

Merchandise booth. Wanted that VIP crown lighty thing. But, hey, as I said, being on a budget is sad. Lol. Anyways, they'll be back. So I'll get another chance. Lol.

But we got this free bangle from Samsung. Just had to take a photo and then we light up. Lol.

I probably have no recollection what was running through my head when it's finally started. Probably just lots and lots and lots of internal screaming. Lol.

Aside from their music and performance because they always say that you gotta experience a Big Bang live concert at least once, I was really looking forward to their outfits on stage. I've always been in love with their style. And they didn't disappoint.

My top faves. I love that we got to see how Top's awkward dancing on stage with our own eyes. Finally. Lol. He's adorable. Was kinda hoping I'd see him with his green hair. But he's been filming a movie, I think. And GD (Of course my fave would be the fashionista and the genius composer. Lol.) with his rapping, his flair and his own GD style. Lovelove.

Strong Baby. Panda.

The crowd went crazy when he ripped off his shirt. Lol.

Dae Sung is probably the first one you'd want to approach out of all of them. 

Haru Haru! Love. It was so cool that we all could sing along. Haha! 

I love how everyone all spoke in English but when it was Top's turn, he addressed the crowd in Korean. Lol. Love him. At least he said "Mahal ko kayo". Lol. This is where they were sorta saying their goodbye. And we were like "Nooooooooooooo" x infinity.

Of course it ain't true. Lol.

Top. Never change. Ever.

Never change. Adorkable.

Seriously wanted their jackets. And it's GDs! They were freaking throwing it to the audience. And we were way way way out of reach. Lol. Some people sure have all the luck. Maybe they did something really great in their past lives. Lol. Jacket. Whines.

Will probably upload some videos next time. Still a bit surreal. I don't know why. Lol. But anyways, probably should let myself get used to their concerts. Lol. So they better come back. Seung Ri said so! No takebacks! Lol. Just hope it's not going to be 10 years after. Lol.

A bigger post than I expected. And lastly, moar moar! They were wrong. You can't experience Big Bang live just once. Lol. It should be for infinity and beyoooooond. Lol. Boomshakalaka~

Please ask first if you want to take out the photos. Kamsamhamnida~! ^^

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