Thursday, June 23, 2011


Blazer: From Seoul, Korea
Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
Wedges: Millie's

Amidst the sea of colors that is so in right now and is everywhere, I can't seem to leave behind my signature colors: black and white. I tend to gravitate towards these two colors when out shopping. Lol. But I guess they fit with the weather right now in Manila; non-stop rain and a cool atmosphere. The white blazer is one I bought in Seoul. Seoul's love affair for blazers is why the city has somehow become number one in my heart, replacing the ever bustling Hong Kong which was always at the top. But I still heart HK to bits and will always, always want to go back. Forever. Lol. Professing my undying love for it again. But Seoul... Ah, Seoul. We will see each other again. I hope. Fiercely. If anyone wants to do something about their addiction to blazers, I have just the cure in my site

The sleeveless top I am wearing is also from Seoul and I'm selling one just like it here. I do love these kinds of simple tops; ones that can go so well with blazers. No hassles.

Speaking of Seoul, the postcard I sent to myself from the N Seoul Tower has never arrived. What? Yes, people send postcards to themselves all the time as a souvenier. Lol. But sadface, I wanted that postcard! Whyeeee? I paid 400 won for the postage and all too! Lol. Wonder if it will ever come. Sigh.

I still loooove my bag. Lol. Can never get enough of it! You'll love it too! I have it in a different color. Lol. Did I sound like a bad commercial? Lol.

Weather, I hope you brighten up soon.


Miss Bias said...

Awesome outfit. Everything is perfect. You look amazing.

Miss Bias

Anonymous said...

love this outfit! so gorgeous :)

et.girl said...

lovee this outift! esp the clutch! :D
btw check out my blog and giveaway if u'd like :D

KANI said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog! x really loving the big red clutch for the pop of colour as well as envelope design !

Raya said...

stunning outfit!

Pieter said...

I loooooove that blazer! x

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

My gosh! Your bag is so cute! I love that color <3

La Mode Outré // James Bent said...

Big and bold colours... the white and red, and I suppose the black of the leggings too... really cool. It's always nice to see colour.

La Mode Outré

Jo said...

The white blazer is amazing! And I love the oversized envelope clutch! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

Lost in the Haze

Audrey Leighton said...

awesome bag! great leggings and heels combo too!

moonstruck-expose said...

OK. It is decided. I am flying to Seoul to go shopping. That blazer and clutch are AMAAAAAAAAZING. Love how the pop of red brings depth to the rest of your ensemble. Killer look as usual, babe! Love it! You look gorgeous! And looving your hair at this length!

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana

Anonymous said...

beautiful clutch!


Daphne said...


Mai Linh said...

love your bag! ♥

Sharnie Hung said...

Thank you all, you awesome people! :D