Monday, June 13, 2011



Top: From Hong Kong
Shoes: Millie's
Cuff: From Seoul, Korea

We had a small celebration for my grandmother (mother side) last Saturday and in the past I always had a hard time finding something to wear since I can't wear most of what's in my closet. Black, white, gray. Wearing those colors to moments of celebrations is a sensitive (sometimes big) issue. But I'm glad we have this chic sheer cape-like top now.

They would have preferred red but this works for me as well. Lol. I love the material, the silhouette it gives. And I'm wearing it with new wedges! Wedges and platforms are so in right now. It's like the higher the better. Lol. Have seen such awesome designs but sometimes the height is a little too much for me. All my friends will be complaining! Lol. So, glad to have found this one with,I guess, just the "right" number of inches. If there is such a thing. Lol.

Oh, got a haircut again. Hehe. Anyway, there's only one outfit post for today. There was no time yesterday; our friend's engagement party. Next time I will do better! Watched X-Men First Class; been so long since we've went out and watched a movie but it rocked! Love it! (Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy!) Can't wait for Transformers 3 and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Ack, so sleepy right now. Going to rest my eyes a bit.


Joey said...

Love how the cape drapes! Cute wedges, too. The cut out at the back is so unique. I love wedges, anything that gives me height and is comfortable hehe

I Live For It said...

ADORE ADORE ADORE your hair a bit shorter- u wear it so well and I love this top paired with those pants- the whole look is effortless-

Hope you're well darling!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Gela said...

gorgeous top, Sharnie! the fabric must feel great against your skin. :)

also, your hair is AMAZING!

boat ride through the sky

Sharnie Hung said...

@Joey Hear hear! Haha!

@Jewls and Liza Aw, thanks! I know I get a haircut way too often but it grows so fast! xD

@Gela Thanks so much! Richard will be happy to hear what you said about my hair. Haha!

pinkmate said...

love the top! Thank you for visiting my blog, you want to follow each other? :)