Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red, White & Blue.


Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
Shoes: Venilla Suites
Blazer: From Seoul, Korea

Finally, finally found the perfect envelope bag. Don't know how long but it just seemed too long. Lol. Just the right size and the right color. My wardrobe mainly consists of black, white or gray so an eye-catching color for my accessory is just the right answer! If anyone's interested in getting this same envelope bag, I'm selling one! It's a different color. A beautiful blue one. See here for more details. I just feel all kinds of love for it so maybe someone will be interested too! :)


I've always wanted a bright-colored blazer and I found the perfect (Yeah, again.) blue one! Needless to say, I still want more. I want all colors if it's possible. Lol. Will never get enough of blazers. I know many out there feel the same way.



Andres Gallardo Cruz said...

your look is amazing, i love it

The Cheshire Cat said...

Cute blazer and shoes!

Sharnie Hung said...

@Andres Cheshire Cat Thanks!! :)

pinkmate said...

I love the blazer and the envelope bag! Do you think they have that here in Manila?
your blog is pretty cool, i like your outfits! following you already!