Thursday, August 1, 2013

Candy Stripes.

I have a love for the quirky. That's why I just had to buy this Maison Martin Margiela candy wrapper clutch! In love with it! I got it from the IG online shop @glamshoppes_corner. (I really should stop browsing Instagram. It's a trap! Haha!) Ms. Jeannette of @glamshoppes_corner offers quality products and a guaranteed smooth transaction. Should save up for the next splurge? Haha.

I want to fill this up with candy inside. Maybe one day I'll do it. Haha!

Candy and black & white. What's not to love? Got the leggings from Korea. I want to go back!

 I wish I can find my unicorn.

Buttons up! Love the random selections.

Twitter & Instagram: @sharniehung

Hat: Dangerfield
Top: From Hong Kong
Leggings: From Seoul, Korea
Shoes: Plata
Collar: From Hong Kong
Rings: From Hong Kong
Candy Wrapper Clutch: @glamshoppes_corner (Instagram)



love love love your style so much, i am a new follower of yours :)

Yomi said...

Found you from Soompi, love your unique style =)

Sharnie Hung said...

Are there reply buttons for comments? Haha. Still trying to figure that out. Thanks Yomi and Isabelle! :D