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Bliss Yoga.

Your Guide to Holistic Living in the City

Manila, Philippines You have to admit it, living in the corporate jungle everyday leaves you stressed and crying out loud for the weekend to come. With hundreds of things running through your mind regarding work or even school you definitely want to find an activity that will help you fight away stress and simply relax you mind and body.
A vacation might help in driving away stress and refreshing your whole being unfortunately it will only last until you’re out-of-town escape. If you’re looking for an activity that will help you fight off the anxiety that city life brings then you should definitely try out Yoga.
Yoga has been continuously gaining popularity as a mind and body exercise and an alternative and preventive medicine for some. With series of postures and controlled breathing exercise, it's no wonder how people are finding yoga as a very effective means of stress management and relaxation.
“There are a lot of benefits that yoga can bring to people if only they realize the great help it can give them,” says Tesa Celdran, a rogue certified instructor or Ashtanga Yoga in Bliss Yoga Manila. “Yoga taps into the art of breathing, meditation and movement that will help in stress reduction, strength building, increasing fitness, toning and shaping the body, and even alleviating body pain and illnesses.”
Since 2007, Celdran has dedicated her life to the practice of yoga as the positive effects of the practice manifested in her life one by one. Reducing stress may be one of the major reasons why people try out Yoga but better understanding of the practice led them to a whole new lifestyle that lets them enjoy life with a better outlook and healthier body.
There are different kinds of Yoga that can cater to your specific needs. If you want to have a more positive and better relationship with your body Vinyasa Flow Yoga is definitely for you. Build strength and improve the circulation of your body as you calm your mind with the help of Ashtanga yoga. Athletes, on the other hand, reap the benefits of practicing Power Yoga which leads them through sequences designed to challenge mind and body while linking postures to the breathing, leaving them relieved and rejuvenated after every class.
Beginners or those venturing into the practice and injured individuals will be able to immerse themselves better with the help of Gentle Flow Yoga. Detoxifying the body and conditioning your muscles and joints to allow mobility once again especially to those who experience pain and injuries will profit greatly with Hot Flow Yoga. “At Bliss it has been our commitment to offer something for everyone, each person will resonate with a certain style of yoga or even a teacher. We have over 50 classes a week and 14 Yoga Instructors, we also have workshops from International teachers and Posture Clinics to support the growth of our students. Bliss yoga classes focus deeply on clearing the mind, breath-work, alignment and strength; to help build a firm foundation from the ground up.” Monique Borja, Yoga Instructor and Studio Director at Bliss Yoga.
“I found that the practice of yoga helps me in improving my flexibility and balance as well as finding stillness of the mind. There are a lot of things going on outside and with yoga, I was able to dedicate a time and place for me to tune my mind and try to be at the center of it all,” shares Atticus King, a businessman who incorporates yoga with his other physical training such as gymnastics and weights training.
 With multitude of benefits yoga can offer, practicing it will definitely be a better choice for anyone who wants to cope with daily life hassles. “Surely, people will not just be able to be in harmony with their body, making them more resilient to what life brings them but also feel good about themselves in general. Yoga aims in balancing your mind and body and that is one great outcome most people should have.” ends Celdran.
Whether for fitness, stress relief, flexibility, mind and body coordination, or alternative medicine for illnesses, Bliss Yoga Manila offers classes that will introduce you to the great benefits that yoga can bring. Incorporate yoga and see the difference it can do in your everyday life.

About Bliss Yoga Manila
Bliss Yoga has been in Manila since June 2009, building a yoga community with hundreds of participants throughout Metro Manila. It offers different styles of yoga storming in the US, which includes, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow, Power Yoga and more.

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