Thursday, August 18, 2011

Style Enthusiast.

I think it will be a while before you can see any new pieces from me. I'm just going to do my best in mixing and matching every piece of clothing I have for as long as I can so I hope you guys don't get bored of my outfit posts. Please? Okay!

More than usual, the details I provide on where I got an item are mostly "From Hong Kong", "From Seoul", etc. Most of my items don't come from a specific or widely known brand (but of course there is the few once in a while; very few). I mostly love the little shops/boutiques carrying assortment of pieces from obscure brands or no brands at all. You find those little treasures in there. Unique and fresh and of course, the idea you're the only one who owns that certain design/print is a big plus. Every girl has thought of that at least once, right?

But with my love for those shops/boutiques, I make it my mission to go in each one, look at each piece of item they sell; I never leave without making sure I've seen everything. Which I think drives my family nuts. Lol. They always end up waiting for me like "forever". Shopping with friends is way better anyway. Lol. But that has always been my shopping system: Go inside and never leave a piece unturned. But it tends to not sit well with the sales ladies though especially when I end up not buying anything. Which is mostly the case, but it's just because I want to pick out what I like most then make a mental note so I can come back for it if, you know, I don't see anything better in the other countless shops (And I just love to have an excuse to look at pretty stuff). Sounds reasonable. Lol. The only problem is I tend to fall in love with too many things so when it comes to decision time...

Blazer: From Seoul, Korea
Top: Cotton On
Pants: From Hong Kong
Envelope Bag: From Seoul, Korea
Shoes: From Busan, Korea


J'Adore Fashion said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love the clutch!


Fashion CouSense said...

I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog! :) New follower here! =)

I really love this ensemble, everything is so chic. Totally adore that blazer of yours =)

Alma said...

Cute outfit! Loving the blazer and pants! :)
I have an obsession with asian fashion lately, but it's really hard to find the items here.
Next year my friends and I are probably going to Seoul, so I guess I'll do a lot of shopping there :)


Anonymous said...

love the leopard print pants! perfect shape too
i find that in hk, if you dont buy anything, the sales ladies get so mad. they scare me!

Chelsea Lane said...

this is seriously an amazing look! I am LOVING your blog, just started following. the pants are AMAZING, just did a post about printed pants and now actually need to BUY some. love this!


cristina petre said...

love the styling! great bag! following;)