Friday, August 26, 2016

Diner En Blanc.

“Mr. and Mrs. White have the pleasure to invite you to be part of the temporary thrill of an exceptional dinner..."

Oh, to be able to read these lines would be wonderful. An invitation to Diner en Blanc. Also known as "The Most Coveted Secret Dinner in White". Where you bring your own food, along with the tables, chairs, tablecloths, candles, china and silver and of course, your elegant selves dressed in white. Invitations are so sought after that there is a long waiting list. It's to be expected though. Being part of a secret and, to me, whimsical event, is no doubt such an experience, how can one not want that? A chance to enjoy the outdoors with a loved one, meeting new people, dressing up; it's got it all. The magic of it is though there will be no traces left of such an evening once the clock strikes midnight, you know it happened. You have lived it and that's what life is about, isn't it? Capturing the moment's magic. And I believe Diner En Blanc delivers just that. 

And as I am a person prone to flights of fancy, I think it will be fun to imagine what to wear if ever I had the chance to go to this coveted event. This White Jacket Tuxedo from The Black Tux is the inspiration piece.

I'm forever into the high aristocracy look (so into the tie neck right now and LOVE both white shirts pictured above) and I decided to go with it for this event. Draping the white jacket tuxedo over this whole ensemble will add that attitude.

As for my plus one...

Who doesn't love a dapper man? And now I really want to be able to go. Haha! Or better yet, organize our very own dinner in white (or any formal dinner affair)! Which will be so cool and a really fun thing to do with friends. I wish we had something like The Black Tux here for any sartorial needs one may have. From well-tailored suits to the right shoes to the all-important accessories. And everything is quality. No one can have the excuse of saying "I don't have anything to wear"! (I know my friends; they'll come up with all the excuses. Haha!)

I think organizing a Diner En Blanc-inspired party is a great idea for anyone to run with. We all need a little bit of magic in our lives. Why not create something of our own?

I'm off to do some convincing. You should too!

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