Monday, January 24, 2011

Oversized Blazer.

Blazer: H&M
Top: H&M
Leggings: Mango
Shoes: From Korea
Scarf: From Hong Kong
Bag: From Hong Kong
Bangles: Mongkok

I have an obsession with blazers. I think I'm buying more blazers than actual tops so I sometimes run out of tops. Lol. This has to stop. Lol. I want an oversized white one, saw one, but decided not to buy it. Which I still think about now. I always torture myself like this, that's the problem. Lol.

Yeah, wearing a scarf in Manila? Lol. I just wanted to add a little something for the outfit. The leopard/animal print is very in these days. I thought of buying booties with a leopard print (JCs were on sale) but then opted for the scarf instead. My priority is black boots anyways. And I still haven't found the perfect pair. Sigh.

Excuse the sucky background. Can't find a decent place to take photos. Hehe!

Wish List:
Black boots (Where are you? Lol.)
Magician's hat
Aviator hat
White oversized blazer
Oversized sweater

Thinking of adding a banner to my blog. Hmmmm.



Gorgeous look...lovely pics!

derek said...

I have an obsession with oversized blazers to!! you feel so much more powerful in them lol!! yours is like perfect and I have been wanting a white one to!!

good luck on your hunt!

derek said...

oh and i forgot i gave you an award! for more info check out my most recent post!

Sharnie Hung said...

@THESTREETFASHION5XPRO Thank you for the comment! :D

@derek Thank you! Good luck to both of us! :D I can't get over them! Have to get them in every color. Lol. Aw. And thank you for the award! I shall get to it soonest! :D

belle said...

hello there fellow blazer obsessed person! hahaha.. i need more blazers in my life too. and I'm enjoying our weather now. it won't last, I know. so blazer every chance I get! and that is a gorgeous scarf!!!!